Positive Feedback

''WE ARE SO THANKFUL for each and every one of you helping and supporting us even though it has taken FAR TOO LONG and Jordan has missed out on so much – we are grateful and give thanks to the good Lord for guiding us before it was too late in finding some solution to Jordan’s condition and now to be able to enjoy our son and have him back is such an enormous blessing – just to watch his functioning, playing normally, having a friend (he has never had this before), being able to enjoy his schoolwork is unbelievable.

We journey on from the darkest hours to light at the end of the tunnel.

I know too that I can waffle on forever, but you had to have lived with this traumatised child screaming for help and all we could tell him was to stay calm and sit through it… eventually the cycles just became continual unexplainable mayhem."

"Josh is doing very well! It seems like the changes we made to the meds are definitely working! The 3 x weekly mb12 shots have made a HUGE difference! I am shocked (and happy) that one medication can have such a huge impact on him! He's a lot calmer, and very interactive. Participates more 'fully' in activities. He would previously not really be bothered with things we did at home with Daniel, like kicking the balls around, but now he joins in! We stand in the driveway and pass the balls to each other - all four of us!

His teacher and tutor have also noticed changes. Last week he wrote his own name! Something they have been struggling to get him to do alone. He apparently joins in carpet time now, and when teacher rings the bell for the boys to come into class and have lunch, or read a story he comes with! Doesn't stay outside to play alone anymore, it’s like he's inquisitive! He apparently has a handful of new friends, he gathers them around and tells them what and how they must all play!! Hie hie hie... apparently he is 'n regte klein klaskaptein (a real little class captain)!" Maquida

"The last term of grade 3 was really a great one. The medication that we changed (2nd) worked really well. The teacher noticed a huge difference without me even saying anything to her. He was more confident, attentive and participated more in class! All I can say... wow!" Yvette (Dubai)

"We have had significant progress in the last month. Health-wise, for the first time in his life, Finn has managed to keep going on a cold without antibiotics or a hospital trip! He still seems a bit snotty, but it all just up in his nose and he seems to be coping!" Chloe

"We have felt such love from the entire practice. I thought I'd just pop you a quick mail to share in some good news regarding Conor. He went for both OT and speech therapy assessments this week, as a result of him progressing so quickly lately. I have not had the official reports yet, but the initial feedback from the speech therapist is that he has picked up about 3 years of language in six months. WOW and friggin awesome! Also, his OT principal almost fell off her chair: when she tested him 2 years ago she could not do most of the tests like visual perception, fine motor skills, etc. His results now indicate that in most of the areas, he is testing at 5 to 6-year old level. We now have to focus on things like planning, hand strengthening and improving posture. This is so awesome and rewarding to know all our hard work is paying off. We are not there yet, and we still have lots of hard work to do, but I can start seeing a slight pinprick of a light at the end of the tunnel. We would not have gotten so far without all the support from you, so I also want to say a BIG thank you for all you have done so far.’’ Liesl & Conor

"I thought I would just send you a quick update on Skyla since we have not seen you for ages and, in her case, no news is good news! She is still going strong on SCD and over the last few months at the end of last year we redid a series of assessments on her to check where she stood developmentally. We did OT, speech and psychological assessments and Jen assessed her social integration at school.

I am so relieved, grateful, humbled, privileged and totally blessed to be able to tell you that after 2 and a half years of hard work in so many areas of her development, Skyla no longer meets the criteria for an ASD! There were no delays in any areas of her development except for a 2-month lag in fine motor ability! She started school this year (her last year of nursery) at Chester House and we decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and chose not to send her with a facilitator or disclose anything to the school. When I dropped her off on her first day of school she said very confidently, " I'll be brave! You can go now mom!" She has settled without any problems so far and is apparently very happy and enthusiastic in class!

Rob and I have done various forms of intervention with her since her diagnosis, but we believe without a shadow of a doubt that SCD has saved her life! I remember the day I sent you a picture of her stool while you were in a meeting with Judy and she said that Skyla was definitely a candidate for the diet. I said to Rob that GFCF was hard enough and that I really hoped that SCD was not going to be a necessary step for her. Well it was not only necessary, but actually the key we had been desperately praying for all along! Had it not been for your knowledge, your networking with others in the field and your suggestion to try SCD, I'm not sure that the word "Recovery" would ever have graced our lips!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for the part you have played in the recovery of our precious little girl! Recovery was always my single- minded goal, but we reached it far quicker than i had anticipated and we are so privileged that she will get to start Grade 1 at school, age appropriately and confidently neurotypical! When Skyla was diagnosed at 19 months, I believe that God told me that our joy would exceed our pain and boy is that the truth! Once again, thanks!" Louise

"Just a short mail to say that I am officially a convert to Methyl B12 injections!! It has been nothing short of miraculous for us! He is so much more calm and peaceful. NO hyperactivity at all. He sleeps right through - although we had no problems with sleep before. Dr Louise... I can't describe the joy at seeing him interact with his Grandpa for the first time in a year. I am crying as I am typing this. His speech is coming on in leaps and bounds and he now speaks 4 - 6 word sentences. A far cry from the 50 words he had in December. We have prayed and believed for God to give us our miracle! He has been faithful as always and we want to thank you for the input and for pointing us in the direction that you have! So - just in case you don't get too many thank yous - Thank you from us." Liezel

 "Just a very quick hallo to give you some feedback on how Madison is doing. I personally think she is doing great:

• Her general awareness of what is going on around her seems to have improved
• Improved eye contact
• Less hyper
• Sleeping better (not as great as I would like but much better)
• Skin is doing better – less scratching
• Her general awareness is much better
• Lots of new sounds
• Less humming (almost 100% gone)
• More appropriate sounds"


"I am having so much fun with the boy since we started on the Actos. His executive function is just amazing. And the brain blur seems to be a lot less." Sarah

"I wanted to update you on Daniel because he just seems to be doing so well! He got full marks for both his Maths and Spelling tests (first time ever) and he has developed such a positive attitude - he wants me to buy him extra maths books for home!? He's bringing home an extra reader every day and I think he'll catch up (an overtake) pretty soon. His OT phoned me the other day to say she couldn't believe the difference. I saw his remedial teacher this morning and she said he's streaks ahead of the other kids in the remedial class - I'm sure he won't need to be there for very long." Gill

"I just wanted to thank you for all your amazing help and support with Siana last year. You really saved us! I had spent nearly 6 months of going from specialist to specialist all over the Southern Suburbs with absolutely no answers before I finally made the drive across the "Boerewors Curtain" to my home suburb to see you. And you knew immediately what the problem was and what to do about it. And now, for the last 6 months, I have had a happy, healthy baby. What a pleasure! God's definitely working some miracles through those hands of yours!" Celeste

"Zeke is improving in leaps and bounds. Thanks for all your advice and the wonderful work that you do, we value it greatly. It’s changed his life and ours and proved many our sceptics wrong about the biomedical approach." Deidre

"Thank you so much, he has responded beautifully – behaviour HUGELY improved - vocabulary has quadrupled and he has started to use the toilet!" Helen

"Thank you so much for helping us with our son Jordan. There has already been such an improvement even though we have only been on the meds for about 4 weeks." Fiona

"Alex had a really good day today, let’s hope it is the beginning of many, thank you for all you have done for my son. He is loving pre-school (he goes to a normal school with a tutor) and enjoys playing with friends. You made this possible by getting his aggressive behavior under control. I know that we have a way to go still but we are winning this fight." Cindy

" I just wanted to give you some feedback on Thomas. Since we’ve started him on the Vit B12 he is progressing by the hour! He is now using 4+ word sentences, interacting with not only his brother but other children too. He hardly stims. We are absolutely amazed and so happy with his improvement. Thank you VERY much for putting him onto the Vit B12, it has changed his and our lives. I can’t wait for his therapists to see the change in him when they get back" Brigitte

"Also wanted to say thanks again for making such a difference to his constipation! By the way, you were also pretty spot on with the timing of potty training. The last couple of days he’s initiated weeing in the potty and very successfully too. And then, tonight I gave him half a tablet of melatonin at 8:30pm. Before 9pm he was already sleepy and by 9.15pm he was fast asleep!! This promises to bring about another welcome change. Hopefully he sleeps longer too (he averages about 10 – 11 hours a day during the week and an hour or two less over weekends) which might help in some way with his growing." Karen