Test results explained

Laboratory Testing in South Africa

In South Africa, we have sufficient facilities to test for underlying pathology in the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Medical pathology laboratories can do a range of blood tests. These laboratories are available at all hospitals and clinics and operate on referral from a Medical Practitioner. Conventional blood tests that may be indicated include a full blood count, kidney functions, liver functions, thyroid functions, immune markers, iron studies, virus studies, amino acid assays, allergy tests, and others.

Metabolic screening for inborn errors of metabolism may be indicated for several metabolic diseases or disturbances of the amino acids, organic acids, Fat-, Urea- cycle metabolism pathways. The incidence of inborn errors of metabolism is 1:1500.
Genetic screening can be done at certain laboratories to establish genetic vulnerability.

Comprehensive stool analyses are done at Synexa Life Sciences Biomarker laboratories specifically, while medical pathology laboratories can do parasite and acute infection testing, as well as calprotectin measurements.

Urine tests for heavy metal toxicity and efficacy of chelating agents are done at biochemical laboratories.

Electrodermal screening, hair mineral analysis and other diagnostic modalities are sometimes used.