DSM-V Diagnostic Criteria

The DSM V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fifth edition, published in 2013 by the American Psychiatric Association) is the manual used by clinicians to diagnose psychiatric disease, including autism. The DSM V classifies autism as Autistic Spectrum Disorder with 3 levels of severity. The criteria for diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder are categorised and all criteria must be met:

1.Social and Communication Deficits (not general development delays): all symptoms listed

   a.Deficient social-emotional reciprocity
   b.Deficit in nonverbal communication(eye contact, body language, facial expression, gestures)
   c.Deficit in managing relationships

2.Restricted Interests

3.Repetitive Behaviours, at least 3 out of 4 symptoms
        a.Stereotypical speech and movement
        b.Ritualistic behaviour, r√©sistance to change
        c.Fixated interests, perseveration of abnormal intensity
        d.Sensory dysregulation

4.Symptoms must be present in early childhood
5.Symptoms together limit and impair everyday functioning