Guidelines and Warning Signs

NEVER vaccinate a child who is ill or on medication, no matter what illness he/she has.  For me the most serious underlying disorder would be any gastro-intestinal abnormally:  constipation, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting, gastro-enteritis, even reflux, as I believe that underlying gastro-intestinal inflammation predisposes to vaccine complications, especially where the measles vaccine is concerned.  Recurrent infections, Eczema and Allergies present a risk to me as well.
Make sure that development is well within normal limits before vaccinating.  One can postpone vaccination until a safer time, if there is doubt about milestones.  Obviously, where a child has to be enrolled in a crèche or care facility or in a third world situation, where there is concentrated exposure to many other children, the risk of contracting infections is higher, so that would affect one’s consideration.
One can test immunity by doing a blood test.  This is not a cost effective option for third world countries or where cost is a concern, but it is a logical way to individualise the amount of vaccination a child will be exposed to.  

Warning signs:
•    Gastro-intestinal disease (A stool analysis may be an effective tool to rule out inflammation)
•    Recurrent infections
•    Allergies, asthma and eczema
•    Seizures, febrile convulsions
•    Sleep issues
•    Developmental challenges
•    Sensory disregulation (auditory/hearing sensitivity)
•    Behavioural issues
•    Flushing:  red cheeks, red ears, red eyes, red or dark rings under the eyes
•    Failure to thrive